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Pearl Jam – Mind Your Manners (Lighting Bolt)

La patru ani dupa "Backspacer", Pearl Jam ne ofera, o cu bucata Mind Your Manners, o prima perspectiva despre Lighting Bolt, cel de-al zecelea si viitorul album al grupului american de rock.

"Mind Your Manners" este rapid si agresiv, fara a ne purta insa in preajma unei ferocitati barbare.Asculta acest track al lui Pearl Jam preluat de pe YouTube:

Iata si versurile (lyrics) cantecului:

I've got an Annotateunfortunate feelin'
I've been beaten down
I feel I don't believe
And now the truth is coming out
What they've taken is more than a vow
They've taken your innocence
And then they throw them on a burning fire

All along they're sayin'
Mind your manners

I caught myself believin'
That I needed God
And if it's hard for some
We sure could use it now

Try my patience
My patience tried
This world's no longer good enough
That makes me wanna cry

All along they're sayin'
Mind your manners

Silence save him!

Self-realized and metaphysically redeemed
May not live another life
May not solve a mystery
Right around the corner
Could be bigger than ourselves
We could will it to the sky
Or we could something else

No longer sayin!
Mind your manners!
Always burning


Go to Heaven
That's swell
How do you like it
Livin' Hell

Albumul "Lighting Bolt" va fi lansat de Pearl Jam pe 14 octombrie 2013.

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